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contact post [27 May 2029|06:40pm]
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Kai. [25 Sep 2019|07:27am]
I'm at Nyx's.
Wilhelm is dead.

How's your day going?
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[19 Sep 2019|09:59am]
Barcelona was decent. Shame I had to come home finally. I guess this means I am back to filling orders of rare books and objects. Surprised this place hasn't burned to the ground.

Job is done. Minor body count.

I brought you back a set of interesting knives.
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[20 Aug 2019|01:32pm]
Business is on hiatus for the moment while we gear up for festivities. I am sure you will all survive without your antique books.

Care to wager on who out hunts the other?
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[31 Jul 2019|09:10am]
Figures the first night I get a full night of sleep is the first night there is mass murder.

You better be safe or I will kill you.

[the group]
They've certainly stepped up their game.
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[19 Jul 2019|07:35am]
I think now might be the perfect time to explore some more ruins. I haven't checked a Mayan Temple off my list.

I know why you killed mother.

He brought her home. If I so much as breathe wrong then I'll lose a limb or a friend. Find me a job.

I'll be back in time for Alastair to get disowned.
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[16 Jul 2019|08:35pm]
[chaz, nyx, alastair, and angel]

Meet me at Kai's. We need to talk. Nyx, make sure Angel doesn't try to excuse herself- she wanted to be our friend than she is going to damn well act like it.
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[16 Jul 2019|01:17pm]
MY heAd



Come get me. I'm... not fit to appppara- apparate. Fuck.

Why is the sun so bloody BRIGHT?
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[28 Jun 2019|11:43am]
I hate summer. So bloody hot this year, I should just move to Siberia at this rate.

That would solve so much.

Rabastan Lestrange is being a weird git.
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[20 Jun 2019|09:00pm]
Dealing with my landlady is becoming tedious. She sent me an owl notifying me that she hasn't seen me in over a week and that means no more homemade cookies. Not unless I stop by and help her fix the curtain rods in her place.

Old bat.

Those cookies are worth killing for though...

I am going to be gone a little longer. Need me to locate any books for you while I'm traveling? Stalking anyone new?
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[28 May 2019|07:35pm]
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